An update from the RDIVA Team at UCA

25 April 2015 CREST Blog JISC RDMS Project Blog

I thought I’d take a moment to fill you all in on one of the RDIVA work that is feeding in to the collaborative project: A consortial approach to building an integrated RDM system: “small and specialist”. The aim of this …

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Designing and tracking research impacts

23 April 2015 CREST Blog JISC RDMS Project Blog

My colleague Rachel Brockhurst and I had a really interesting discussion on Monday with Lisa Fedorciow from Vertigo Ventures about their project-based ‘Impact Tracker’ tool. Tracking research impact – driven in some part but not only by the REF and RCUK – is becoming increasingly important …

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Survey: Drilling down into the drivers for RDMS

20 April 2015 CREST Blog JISC RDMS Project Blog

We have circulated a survey to the CREST Member Research Leads (heads of research and research managers) to inform the RDMS project and also the initial talks about prototyping, discussions with developers and potential partners. We’ve asked for responses by 11 May so I will be keeping …

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Welcome to the CREST RDMS Project Blog!

05 April 2015 CREST Blog JISC RDMS Project Blog

Welcome to the first posting to kick off our blog on this collaborative project investigating drivers and collaborative, consortia-based solutions for research data management! This project actually started as a series of separate proposals under the ‘Research at Risk’ call that …

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The CREST Research Leads and RDMS

02 April 2015 CREST Blog JISC RDMS Project Blog

On 23 March 2015 the CREST Research Group met and engaged in an initial discussion about the recently-launched, JISC-funded CREST-led project looking at the possibility of creating a consortia-based research data management system. The Research Group  is made up of 21 …

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