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Inner London students get a taste of British farming at Writtle

Writtle College postgraduates Hannah Scott-Browne and Stephanie Collingbourne, who are studying for PhDs in Agriculture, have involved students from an inner city London college in work with cattle, pigs and sheep at the College farm. The 25 animal management students, aged …

Innovations in community engagement

The University of Worcester’s ‘Hive’ wins Guardian University Award

Valerie Oliver: Exploration of how visual art can be used to prepare marginalised youth for a positive future using mixed human inquiry methodologies

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This research reflects on the Fine Arts impact on young people engaged within educational institutions, the criminal justice system, and organisations in our communities.  Sadly, regarding the Fine Arts, gaps are apparent due to discourse of past and present diversity …

Rachel Johnston: The Art of Community Engagement


The positive and mutually beneficial relationships, which can occur between students and members of the public when they are able to work together effectively, has been demonstrated in a series of projects carried out by the Fine Art department at …

Jane Jobling: Strategies to maximize the effectiveness of a community arts project.

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There are three main goals when planning a community arts event: inclusivity, excellence and legacy. The objective of this research was to use a specific community project to test strategies that addressed these three goals and that the evaluation would …

Dr Colin Stuhlfelder: Providing the ‘More’ in ‘More than Bricks and Mortar’: Where does aspiration and desire fit into the delivery of sustainable housing strategies?

Glyndwr University

For the last 4 years the Housing Team at Glyndwr University have been working with local authorities and housing providers in North and Mid Wales to deliver their strategic housing objectives in an increasingly difficult and volatile economic climate. These …

Philippe Crisp: Perceptions of community sport coaches on the effectiveness of sport intervention programmes


Social intervention projects using sport as a key vehicle for delivery are frequently used in community development projects. They are promoted either directly or indirectly by broader government policy because there is an inherent, wider belief that sport can contribute …

Elisabetta Vivaldi: Exploring the health and well-being of ‘Former Yugoslavian Roma’ living in ‘camps’ in Naples

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This presentation is based on my on-going doctoral research consists of a discussion of emerging findings on the health and well-being of ‘Italian Roma’ living in ‘camps’ in Naples.  As is well known Roma are both the largest ethnic minority …

Michael Gilsenan: What can be learnt from ‘Intentional Communities”?

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An exploration of the interaction between intentional communities and the wider society including the lessons that have/can/will be learnt from the many intentional communities around the globe.  Acknowledging the literature regarding the contribution of eco villages particularly the progress of …

Nicky Gilmour: Post-environmental fabrication

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This presentation argues that the artefacts of post-environmental, sustainable communities require coherence, which can be identified by one factor, namely, that the fabrication processes of such artefacts are integrated with the dynamic systems within which they operate. This presentation proposes …

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