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Researcher Development Day, University of Chichester


The Researcher Development Day is a an exciting programme of activities and sessions covering a range of topics from research impact, planning and managing a research project, working with the media, community participation, developing individuals and clusters, developing your own research …

British Library Doctoral Open Day: Digital Research

Over the last two decades the British Library has become a vast resource not only of physical objects, but of digital items. These data range from digitised text, sound, visual, and philatelic material, to born-digital collections of personal archives and …

University Employs Record Number of Vacation Research Assistants

University of Worcester logo

The University of Worcester has employed a record number of Vacation Research Assistants this year, giving fifteen students the opportunity to be involved in live research projects. The scheme, now in its third year, provides students with the opportunity to …

CREST Researcher Mobility Scheme

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To support the development of research skills linked to inter- and cross-disciplinary Research Clusters, CREST has created the Researcher Mobility Scheme, providing support for staff and PGRs working to engage with colleagues across the network. The Mobility Scheme is available …


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