CREST Researcher Mobility Scheme

To support the development of research skills linked to inter- and cross-disciplinary Research Clusters, CREST has created the Researcher Mobility Scheme, providing support for staff and PGRs working to engage with colleagues across the network.

The Mobility Scheme is available to support CREST researchers at any point in their research careers in two ways:

funding available to support research conferences and seminars in a variety of subject areas that involve multiple CREST-member institutions. 

travel bursaries for CREST researchers accepted as presenters at research conferences and events and CREST member institutions and / or partners

The scheme encourages mobility and exchange of ideas, allowing individuals to identify colleagues working in complementary and, in some cases, convergent areas of research as well as to hone their communication skills.

Awards will be made on a competitive basis; applications for support for conferences will be made based on the recommendations of the CREST Research Group (comprised of Heads of Research from each of the 23 CREST institutions); applications to support researchers presenting at conferences at CREST members will be reviewed by CREST personnel.

Conferences and events with the RMS tag on the CREST Events page have or are being supported by the CREST Researcher Mobility Scheme. This is a dynamic list, with events added in throughout the year.

If you are researching in a CREST member institution, or are planning a conference or event at a CREST member institution and would like further information, please contact the CREST Network Administrator.