A new book to raise awareness of ways to healthy ageing has been published by Dr Barbara Humberstone, Professor of Sociology of Sport and Outdoor Education, and Dr Maria Konstantaki, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.

Ageing, Physical Activity, Recreation and Wellbeing’ features a collection of studies which focus on the effectiveness of different forms of, and approaches to, physical activity, exercise and recreation that promote an active lifestyle among communities and older people in general. The overarching theme is the importance of identifying how people can stay healthy and enjoy life as they age. Dr Humberstone’s research interests include physical activity and ageing healthily, nature-based sport and the senses, wellbeing, and outdoor pedagogies. Her long-term, grounding concern is the interconnections in embodiment and social and environmental action/justice. Dr Konstantaki is presenting two chapters in the book that deal with physical activity interventions for older people and the impact these interventions have for health measures and alleviating hypertension.

For more information about the book please visit the Buckinghamshire New University website.

The book can be found on the Cambridge Scholars website.