Bucks New University academic to present at international conference on Spinal Cord Injury

A leading healthcare academic from Buckinghamshire New University has received funding from the Foreign Office to speak at a Saudi Arabian conference on how ‘Telehealth and Telecare’ technology can benefit people with spinal cord injuries.

Firas Sarhan, Director of CETAL (Centre of Excellence for Telehealth and Assisted Living), will speak at the International Spinal Cord Injury Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday 5 March.

This International Spinal Cord Injury conference, which is being staged in collaboration with The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Miami, USA and Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation, New York, takes place on 4 and 5 March in Riyadh.

This has been arranged as part of a follow up programme to connections made between the Saudi Arabian Embassy and Stoke Mandeville from the London 2012 Games. The visit will provide the opportunity to highlight the work of CETAL including the Italia Project, Living Lab at Aylesbury College and the forthcoming assisted living conference with UK Healthcare taking place at the Oculus in Aylesbury this spring.

Firas Sarhan said: “Attending this international conference will give us the opportunity to share our experience of developing the integration of telehealth and telecare into patient lives and delivering care effectively, efficiently and safely.”

“The conference will allow us to explore the possibility of future collaborative work in the field of assisted living applications in supporting clients with a range of physical disabilities”.

Ian Barham, Manager of Bucks Legacy, said: “We congratulate Firas Sarhan and Bucks New University on being invited to this very important event. Buckinghamshire is the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement so it’s wonderful that the Bucks Legacy programme was able to facilitate the attendance at the conference – and that the connection made at the 2012 games between Saudi Arabia and Stoke Mandeville has been followed up in this way.”