Bucks New University formalises collaboration with University of Pécs, Hungary

Bucks New University has announced that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Faculty of Society and Health at Buckinghamshire New University and the Faculty of General Medicine, University of Pécs Medical School, Hungary.

The MoU will enable the two faculties to work closely together to develop ‘partnerships of mutual benefit’ to both Institutions. This follows on from Professor Margaret Greenfields‘ collaboration with Professor Istvan Szilard, MD, PhD Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Operational Medicine in relation to a conference on Roma and Migrant Health.

Professor Greenfields, Director of the Institute of Diversity Research, Inclusivity, Communities and Society at Bucks New University said: “I am absolutely delighted that the opportunity to work with Professor Szilard and his team which commenced in 2013 has developed into a more formal relationship.

“I look forward to welcoming members of the Roma and Migrant Health teams and their colleagues from the medical school to the UK in the coming months, and to developing research and training collaborations with them.”

Professor Istvan Szilard, who is also Chair of Migration Health welcomed future opportunities for extending the partnership between the Faculty of Society and Health, IDRICS and the University more widely. “This relationship will open the door for the exchange of professors, researchers as well as students and will provide the opportunity to develop joint initiatives.

“We see a strong synergy in our interests and anticipate exchanges for academics, and students as well as future lectures and training opportunities for Faculty members around Roma and migrant health and well-being”.

Migration is a major EU wide policy concern resulting from the growing rate of internal migration and rising population of trans-national immigrants. The estimated number of migrants is already more than 50 million people across the EU 27 countries and the immigration flow is around 1 million people per annum. The issue is multidisciplinary, overarching health provision and public health issues as well as social, economic and humanitarian aspects.

Professor Attila J. Miseta, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPMS, stated. “It is a really positive step that an already existing alliance will be formalized between our institutions. Collaborative work has already started with Professor Margaret Greenfields who contributed significantly to the success of ‘Tackling Health Inequalities through Human Resource Capacity Building in Europe‘ conference.

“I am delighted that Buckinghamshire New University has been selected to work in partnership with the Faculty of General Medicine, University of Pécs Medical School, with the explicit aim of enabling us to work together. ”

Professor David Sines, Pro Vice Chancellor of Bucks New University’s Faculty of Society & Health said: “We are committed to undertaking further research into Roma and Migrant Health and developing other areas of interest and are therefore delighted to be collaborating with the University of Pécs Medical School in this area of mutual interest.”