Nicky Gilmour: Post-environmental fabrication

Plymouth College of Art logoNicky Gilmour posterThis presentation argues that the artefacts of post-environmental, sustainable communities require coherence, which can be identified by one factor, namely, that the fabrication processes of such artefacts are integrated with the dynamic systems within which they operate.

This presentation proposes that the frames of complexity and dematerialization provide tools to reevaluate the prevailing anthropocentric taxonomy that privileges human withdrawal from the wider dynamic system, via its fabrication of artefacts that attempt to block or circumvent the coherence of biological systems. As a result this presentation extends into the argument for the unpicking of the foundational instrumentalism of western industrial civilization located implicitly in the frameworks of radical environmentalism and deep ecology.

The premise of these ideological frames demands the acceptance that all fabrication takes place in relational ecosystems; providing the grounds for an alternative mind-set to the enlightenment-derived position where industrial and environmental fabrication processes are approached as if they operate within separate spheres, and do not feedback to each other.