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International Women’s Day Conference: Gender, Sexuality & Gender Based Violence

It is well known that Gender Based Violence (GBV) is predominantly perpetrated against women by men and that as such it is a ‘gendered’ issue. Gender however, is socially constructed and aligned to cultural norms of masculinity and femininity based on our biological sex that dictate how we ‘should’ behave. This includes our sexual behaviour.

Those who do not identify with, or conform to socially constructed gendered and sexual behaviours are collectively labelled as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). It is argued that labelling them as such has led to them being largely omitted from discourses about social issues that are considered to be predominantly gendered i.e. domestic and sexual violence, because they do not comfortably fit into dominant models of understanding these issues.

The NCSPVA are pleased to offer the opportunity for delegates to listen to key speakers talk about gender, sexuality and Gender Based Violence within the LGBT community and engage in a workshop that will enhance understanding.

Who should attend?

This event is suitable for Multi-Agency professionals, policy makers, commissioners and the members of the general public who have an interest in gender, sexuality and Gender Based Violence.

Cost: £90


To book a place, please contact Esther Dobson 01905 542711

NB For all staff employed by a Worcestershire NHS Trust or Wye Valley:

NHS Trust have to complete a study leave form (or equivalent) if they want (a) to study in works time, or (b) want the Trust to fund or part fund the course, or both. Upon receipt of your approved trust study leave form you will receive notification that your place is booked.