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ROAM! ROAM! ROAM! Movement II exhibition

When many parts of the UK flooded in December 2015, what was nature trying to tell us? As residents, artists and people on the move in a world in (com)motion, what can we express, reflect – and learn – about our relationship with our urban/natural habitats, as well as the possibilities of collaborative artistic research?
Come to the ROAM! ROAM! ROAM! Movement II exhibition, and find out the responses of 3 artists. The exhibition draws on materials and conversations gathered since Movement I, a walk along River Aire that took place during the National Museums and Wellbeing Week in February 2016. Distributed along the busy passageway at Leeds College of Art, the photographs and drawings conjure the journeys mythical (including a mischievous spirit inspired by indigenous Australian culture) as well as actual (viewers moving along the passageway to experience and activate the work).
Event: ROAM! ROAM! ROAM! Movement II exhibition #roamroamroam
Artists: Erkembode (aka David Kelly-Mancaux) & Granville Lythe
Curator: Dr Kai Syng Tan
Exhibition: 12 January – 28 April 2017
Venue: Leeds College of Art, Blenheim Walk, LS2 9AQ, Leeds
Images from opening night performance: http://www.kaisyngtan.com/portfolio/leeds
About Erkembode: http://erkembode.weebly.com
ROAM! ROAM! ROAM! is a rolling programme with evolving membership exploring movement, mapmaking and memory via collaborative practice-related research based in Leeds. ROAM! ROAM! ROAM! is an offshoot of RUN! RUN! RUN! which is a framework exploring running as a creative and critical toolkit to think about how we engage with ourselves, others, the city, and non-logocentric modes of thinking. Join us, on this venture, adventure and other movements to come.