Graphic Justice Symposium is a Scholarly Success at St Mary’s

The Graphic Justice Symposium, which took place on Wednesday 11th September at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, has proved to be an overriding success for the School of Management and Social Sciences (MSS).

The purpose of the one day conference was to give people working (or wishing to work) at the intersection of graphic fiction and the concerns of law and justice, an outlet for their ideas and ongoing research, and to enable discussion on the various ways comics might be, or are, useful for understanding the complexities of justice and law.

Some of the topics covered included public law explored through Superman and Judge Dredd; political and legal theory critiqued and contextualised through series such as the Justice League and Batman; comics as a pedagogical tool, and as a resource for communicating and exploring issues in biomedical regulation; criminology and vigilantism in superhero and other works such as 100 Bullets and Red Team; the history of comics regulation and the restrictions of free speech;  professional legal ethics; representations of race in classic comics and the use of comics as an effecter of social change.

The symposium attracted more than 30 delegates, including comic fans and academics from Europe and internationally. Thomas Giddens, Lecturer in Law and conference organiser commented, “The interest in the complex, rich, and culturally resonant medium of comics and its relationship and engagement with legal issues, is evidently as global as the medium itself. The variety and depth of critique was vital and inspiring. The idea of graphic justice has evidently roused a large amount of interest, and has huge potential for development and growth. My hopes for the project are great, and if 2013 is anything to go by, future years hold a great deal of promise.”

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