Leeds Trinity Professor of Theology publishes comprehensive history of Korean Christianity

A History of Korean Christianity by Professor Kirsteen Kim, Professor of Theology at Leeds Trinity University, was released at the American Academy of Religions meeting in San Diego in November. The book, which retailed at $85, was in such demand because Korean Christianity is well known for its vitality and rapid growth, which is unique in Asia, but little understood. Initial responses are very favourable: one reviewer said “they tell it like it is” and another said “this will inform a generation”. Professor Kim and co-author, Sebastian C.H. Kim, have already travelled to the University of Leiden in the Netherlands to give a guest seminar on the book.

​A History of Korean Christianity is published by Camrbidge University Press, who commented:

“This comprehensive and timely history of different Christian denominations in Korea includes surveys of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions as well as new church movements. It examines the Korean Christian diaspora and missionary movements from South Korea and also give cutting-edge insights into North Korea. This book, the first recent one-volume history and analysis of Korean Christianity in English, highlights the challenges faced by the Christian churches in view of Korea’s distinctive and multireligious cultural heritage, South Korea’s rapid rise in global economic power and the precarious state of North Korea, which threatens global peace. This History will be an important resource for all students of world Christianity, Korean studies and mission studies.”

Professor Kim added:

“I am delighted to see the book in print. Korean Christianity is a unique phenomenon that deserves to be better understood, especially for the sake of peace on the Korean peninsula.”

​A History of Korean Christianity is available on the Cambridge University Press website.