Ravensbourne’s practice-based research also supports investigation into the industrial and cultural contexts, and impacts and value of emerging technologies. We are particularly interested in the aesthetics and uses of technologies which have relevance to the Creative Industries. We are committed to improving the affordances of emerging technologies, and particularly foreground knowledge exchange between industry and the Academy.

Researchers at Ravensbourne are likely to draw from ethnography, creative methods, action research, textual analysis, and production and audience studies. We are as likely to work with large organisations (Barclays, Marks and Spencer, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the BBC) as with Small to Medium-sized Enterprises who may be more associated with newer economic structures and production ecologies. We are also involved in policy-making and standard-setting.

Our researchers specialize in media production and technology (including stereoscopic 3-D and Broadcast Engineering), emerging design practices such as 3D printing, wearable futures, and learning and teaching (use of mobile platforms). We are particularly interested in exploring the blending of design with technology, and in inter-disciplinary working.

We are becoming known for our international conferences which draw researchers and industry together to explore emerging fields. We have hosted large events in Wearable Futures, Transmedia, and we host Mozilla’s annual ‘MozFest’. Our annual conference in 3-D film and television was the first large-scale event in the UK to foreground stereoscopy. The conference is now jointly hosted with the i3DS Society at the British Film Institute.

Research Lead: Dr Lizzie Jackson

Dr Jackson is Professor of Interactive Media at Ravensbourne and an advisor to the Council of Europe on the management and governance of public service media, and also the re-definition of culture and education in the era of networked communications.

She leads Ravensbourne’s research department and their cluster of undergraduate degrees in broadcasting and film. Before becoming an academic Lizzie launched and managed the BBC’s message boards, live chats, and chat room teams, and also the BBC’s Internet safety initiatives.

Lizzie was a member of the Home Office Task Force on Internet Safety and named “one of the 100 Innovators of the (first) Internet Decade” by eConsultancy.com for developing the field of Online Communities (precursor to Social Media). Lizzie was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacturing in 2007. Her most recent book, Public Media for the 21st Century, was published by Routledge in 2014.

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