University of St Mark and St John

The University of St Mark & St John in Plymouth undertakes research with impact and relevance to society and the economy. The focus of research is upon health and wealth generation.

Research addresses economic growth and social mobility through sector-specific agendas in education, health, physical activity, sport, tourism, communication and the creative arts.

The university’s approach is based upon the principles of smart specialisation, bringing together subject knowledge, specialist research and sector priorities to create greater social and economic impact.

Particular strengths of our research, and designed to support health and wealth generation, are the:

  • provision and evaluation of evidence to inform sector-based policy, practice and innovation
  • development of applications and products to support behaviour change

The university’s strong values base, developed since its origins in 1838, underpins everything it does and its spirit of innovation and exploration is an important driver for its research activity.

Research areas covered by the University include:

  • Transformational education and STEM education
  • Physical activity, health and rehabilitation
  • Health-related technologies
  • Sport sciences and human performance
  • Sound and performance-related technologies
  • Creative writing, linguistics and science communication
  • Business and enterprise (small and micro business, social enterprise and third sector)
  • Social cohesion and community development
  • Speech & language therapy including dysphagia and Parkinson’s disease
  • Modern journalism and social media
  • Creative arts and its broader meaning to health and wealth generation

The University of St Mark & St John undertakes translational research across these areas as well as knowledge transfer, consultancies and private sector collaborations and partnerships.

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Research Lead: Professor Andrew Edwards, University Director of Research

Professor Edwards is responsible for the strategic development of research and innovation at the university.  The importance of research to the student community and to social and economic growth both regionally and at a national level is at the core of the development of the research and innovation agenda at the university.

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