Nottingham-Worcester DTC to investigate links between dementia, the creative arts and quality of life

The Alzheimer’s Society today announced the creation of 8 Doctoral Training Centres that will host Dementia Research Leaders: PhD students undertaking research into various aspects of dementia treatment and care. The Nottingham-Worcester DTC has received funding for a cohort of 6 PhD students, each of whom will undertake projects that contribute to the theme ‘The Arts and Dementia (TAnDEM): Evidence-based ways to live well with dementia through the creative arts’. The evidence generated by this research will be used to underpin the development of high-quality arts interventions for people with dementia.

The Universities of Nottingham and Worcester have strong links with the NHS and with care home providers, so research findings can be efficiently and effectively integrated in to care programmes and used to improve the arts services already on offer. In the long-term, it is expected that the work of this DTC will lead to an increase in the quality and variety of arts-based services available to people with dementia across the UK.

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