Research into improving the economy

A grant for €335,000 has been awarded to York St John to enable researchers at the University to lead on a Social Economic Project that aims to change the way in which the social economy is taught in universities across Europe. The three-year project aims to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the nature and practice of the social economy.

Margaret Meredith, senior lecturer at York St John University and one of the project co-ordinators, said, “People are now questioning the values implicit in a system which seeks profit at all costs. Higher Education needs to equip students with a broader vision and the tools to analyse a variety of ways in which the economy might work more effectively and for the common good and creation of sustainable wealth. We believe that the Social Economy warrants higher exposure in our universities and should be studied alongside other economic models.”

The Social Economic Project was awarded a grant from the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus programme, with co-funding from a Latin American university. The project was one of only six successful bids from 70 applications. York St John University will co-ordinate the Social Economic Project working with partners from across the globe; The University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco Peru (the co-funder) is at the heart of a network of universities across Latin America; The Centre for African Studies at the University of Oporto, similarly has many contacts across Africa; and Mondragon University in Spain is a leader in the study and practice of social entrepreneurship. The project will also involve many associate universities across all continents.

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