Research Networks

CREST Research Networks focus on particular cross and interdisciplinary research areas, and run alongside the Research Themes. They are open to all postgraduates and researcher-active staff working within CREST Member institutions, as well as national and international colleagues exploring and addressing emerging research challenges. The Research Networks utilise the digital space, but also rely on face-to-face interactions: seminars, symposia, etc.

We are currently supporting three networks: CAIRN (the Countryside and Agriculture Interdisciplinary Research Network); a cluster of researchers and practitioners looking at collaborations between the arts and sciences, which hosted its kick-off event – Negotiating Practice – as part of the AHRC’s Being Human: Festival of the Humanities; and a network investigating links between religion and social media, which convened for the first time in May 2015. However, this is necessarily a dynamic space: networks and clusters are constantly appearing as new questions arise, demanding cross-disciplinary collaboration and a coming together of specialisms.

If you have an idea for a new network that may link up to the Research Themes and specialisms contained within the CREST group, do get in touch.