Royal Agricultural University Professor wins innovation award

Professor Toby Mottram, Douglas Bomford Trust Chair in Applied Farm Mechanisation and Management at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU), was recognised for his technology firm eCow at this year’s Cream Awards.

Sam Mottram was presented the Award for Innovation (on behalf of Professor Toby Mottram) at the awards evening in Birmingham on 18 September, for the Exeter-based agritech company eCow.

Founded in 2007, eCow produce sophisticated cattle monitoring equipment designed to help dairy farmers improve cow rations, develop new feeds, and optimise the health and milk yields of cattle. The farmBolus, developed by eCow, accurately and wirelessly measures the rumen pH in cows and provides unique data service to dairy farmers. It has already been sold across the world.

Professor Toby Mottram said: “I am delighted to have handed the running of the company to my son, Sam Mottram who has been doing a great job working with dairy farmers. This has allowed me to concentrate on new research.”

The Royal Agricultural University has been working with eCow and Mole Valley Farmers to determine the commercial benefits of using the farmBolus. The results have been overwhelmingly positive; with one farmer saving £10,000 in food over two months and another increasing his milk yields by five litres per day. The RAU is unique in the sector by being able to use the latest technology, developed by a member of staff, for improved research and husbandry.

Now in their second year, the Cream Awards are building their reputation as the benchmark dairy industry awards.

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