The Minister’s speech today at the Policy Exchange focused on technology and research, and expanded on the Government’s Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth from December. The Minister reiterated the sanctity of the Haldane Principle and acknowledged the fact that ‘impact’ does not (always) mean commerce and that research and innovation should not be assessed for their ability to solve economic problems overnight. He also spoke to the importance of applied research and Knowledge Exchange, and the potential for new institutions formed of partnerships between Higher Education institutions, local government organisations and businesses, and the key role played by the Technology and Strategy Business in brokering relationships, particularly with respect to microbusiness and SMEs and venture capital.

In terms of specific disciplines, he also mentioned animal science as a prime UK asset, he spoke about low-carbon technology and its application and he also said that he agrees that the arts and humanities vs science debate is not helpful, and that he would like to see ‘STEM’ become ‘STEAM’.

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