University of Chichester research shows how brains are shaped by childhood

NEW research detailing how childhood experiences influence the development of the brain has been collated in a book by two Chichester authors.

Child Development and the Brain has been written by Reader in Psychology Dr Esther Burkitt and counsellor Rob Abbott after years of study at the University of Chichester.

The book, which is out now, introduces new ideas about neuroscience and how the brain develops from conception through to the end of childhood.

Mr Abbott, said: “So much of what is published about neuroscience is in a high technical language.

“We wanted to produce a book that could be understood by people who do not use specialised language.”

The opening sections of the book describe the differing parts of the brain and details how it grows from just a few cells into most the complex structure on the planet.

It also explores emotional development as well as the importance of childhood where individuals learn about what it is to feel loved and how to return the emotion.

Dr Burkitt, said: “The book introduces readers to ways in which our understanding of brain science is changing the way in which we see development.

“It includes ideas about language and literacy development, cognition, learning, and memory, as well as a final chapter on the future and anticipates how discoveries in developmental neuroscience will impact over the next decade.”

To find out more about the book, including how to purchase a copy, click here.

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