University of Cumbria funded PhD opportunities

Application procedure:

To apply for the Sellafield Ltd – University of Cumbria Bursary, you will need to submit a University of Cumbria Graduate School application form, a research proposal, and supporting documents as listed below and email them to with ‘Sellafield Ltd – University of Cumbria Bursary’ in the subject line.

The funder would like to support applications from females living in the UK studying STEMM subjects.

For information the project lead is Dr Poonam Malik, Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences. There will be a specific named supervisor in each area. Enquiries can be addressed to

To apply, download a copy of the Cumbria Graduate School application form.

Science subject areas for research proposals could include:

  • Analytical, Materials Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Catchment Management
  • Conservation biology
  • Ecology (behavioural, population, landscape)
  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Forestry and forest management
  • Human health
  • Infection studies
  • Medical imaging sciences
  • Upland management sustainability
  • Viral epidemiology

Candidates need to complete an application form, a 1500-2000 words research study proposal and provide the name of a proposed supervisor (if you have one in mind, otherwise please leave blank).

This bursary is competitive so the proposal needs to be high quality and articulate as possible. Research proposals with specific focus on development of new knowledge using scientific and laboratory techniques from areas listed above will be prioritized. Guidance on what to include in your research proposal can be found on the University of Cumbria’s website:

Please also include:

  • A 1000 word essay: discuss and analyse a recent scientific paper or a discovery from peer reviewed scientific journal and its future impact
  • A 300 word statement to describe how the award of the Sellafield Ltd – University of Cumbria Bursary will impact on your study.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday 29th February 2016.  It is expected the successful candidate will begin the programme from 1 April 2016.

Please note: If you are successful in your application you would be expected to act as an ambassador for the University of Cumbria and take part in ambassador activities on behalf of Sellafield Ltd with associated media coverage and promotional events.